Sammantic Aani

VDH/KTR ZB 10 7426
Whelped: 18.05.2010
Deceased: 11.01.2023
Coat colour: light-sabel
HD-Rating: A
DNA tested: ja/yes

Breeder: Barbara Bruns und Wolfgang Stamp
Owner: Barbara Bruns und Wolfgang Stamp
Breeding permission: yes


VDH Jugend Champion
AKC Champion
Austrian Champion
Champion Azerbaijan 2011
Champion Azerbaijan 2012
Champion Costa Rico
Champion Cyprus
Champion of Georgia
Champion of Moldava
Grand Champion of Moldava
Champion of Montenegro
Champion of Balkan
Champion San Marino
Columbian Champion
Hungarian Champion
Meditaranean Champion
Champion of Phillipine
VDH Champion
International Champion
Several Group Winnings and Best In Shows